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Quality is job one.  While this saying makes for great commercials, it is also a good foundation to build your new company on as well as being a good tenet to work into a company that is already established.    The best way to implement quality into the workplace is to designate someone as the Quality Control manager.  This person is responsible for determining the proper Quality Control (QC) program to integrate into the workplace.  A well designed Quality Control program is the basis of organizing quality into your workplace.  Once established, the core of the QC program will not change, but the details of the program will be in a constant state of change.  The QC Manager will always be looking to find new ways to add quality to the workplace either from readings or from inputs from fellow employees.

A third place you are bound to receive information on regarding quality is your Authorized Inspector (AI).  AI’s are a bountiful source of information both regarding quality issues you may come up with as well as design of your products.  Just ask them any question about quality control or quality assurance and be ready to talk about it for as long as you want.  Feel free to utilize their vast experience to be a benefit to you and your company and to assist in adding valuable information your QC program.

Once firmly established, a “quality” QC program will soon reap benefits as it is a part of a company that many customers are interested in to ensure their products will be done with quality in mind.


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