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Economy?  From a blog created by a fabrication and welding shop?  What gives?  Well, the economy affects us all and there have been reports that many fabrication shops are having tough times out there.  If this applies to you, try not to fret and utilize your newly discovered spare time accordingly.  Now is the time to look over your business and identify any weak spots you have and work to make these weak spots strengths.  Lack of organization?  Look into methods of streamlining your business.  Databases are a good way to organize information and have it available to all.  Lack of clients?  Now is the time to get creative and think of new directions your business can go in.  Work those marketing skills and look into new avenues of opportunity.  Finding an additional yet different direction can help rejuvenate your workers and can open up skills you never knew your shop had.   Don’t know your workers?  Now would be a good time to talk to them, get to know them and listen to any ideas they may have to improve the company.  It’s amazing how little ideas can often be the start into something big that changes the company for the better.  Finally, remember to be on the lookout for ways to improve safety and cleanliness.  These two are big and can be the difference on whether a customer chooses you to do their job, or a different company.  Utilize your downtime effectively!

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We recently avoided a costly mistake.  Our vendor had issued a quote on materials for a job that our customer needed expedited.  Throughout the chaos of organizing resources, work space, and reading through material quotes, it would have been somewhat understandable for us to award the materials to the lowest bidder and tell them to get them coming.  Fortunately for us, we have a few procedures in place that keep us from turning something around that quickly.   We stayed true to our practices and within a few minutes of going through our purchase review, we uncovered discrepancies within material and quantities, navigating ourselves out of an impending storm.

Procedures and Policies are good as long as they allow you to work efficiently.  Conversely, when Policies and Procedures are cumbersome and do not allow your organization to be nimble, it is time to examine the reasons behind the P&P and come up with better alternatives or more streamlined versions.

What Policies and Procedures hold you back from becoming better?


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