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Since this summer Precision Pipe and Vessel, A Denver ASME welding and fabrication shop has built and delivered two 80 foot plus deethanizor and depropoanizer towers.  By all standards these are not the largest towers on the market, but are a large enough to serve a major sector in gas processing plants.  These towers were built in Denver and will be shipped all the way to Pennsylvania for their final installation.  This project was conducted with a Nationwide RFP process and it was discovered the Precision Pipe had a competitive price (even with expensive trucking costs) and even better delivery schedule.

As the gas boom seems to be gaining traction, it seems many ASME shops are becoming back logged with large vessels such as these.  Many gas processing companies turn to the same fabricators over and over again and are willing to wait months for delivery at the expense of production and revenue.  As project managers become familiar with companies they tend to turn to the same companies time and time again.  This is probably a safe bet with long established business relationships, but the petroleum is a high risk high reward kind of business.  From the early stages of drilling, installation, permitting, and well stimulation this is in all reality a high stakes business.

Any company that is seeking a competitive edge should be looking for energetic and motivated businesses qualified to provide the same products on a better delivery date (any ASME code vessel will require the same QA QC and inspection).  The cost of lost production is much more expensive than a few thousand dollars in added cost or even shipping, yet procurement specialist and project managers turn to the same companies over and over again without looking at the competitive advantage they may have by using a new vendor with better delivery times.  As dollars are wasted waiting for equipment it seems more logical to strike up new business relationships based on better delivery schedules. Give us a call and see if we can get you to revenue quicker than your go to guy, you might be surprised!


Natural Gas Processing Equipment

304 Stainless deethanizer tower

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It seems that no one has been immune to the effects of a depressed economy.  Reports of people losing their jobs, pay cuts, and uncertainty about what the future holds, are huge causes of stress for most of us.  Unfortunately, we bring these stresses from work to our homes and then back to work again – causing a build-up of frustration that will eventually boil over.

The building of pressure, desperation, frustration, and stresses have a deep impact on our ability to make the good decisions we need to make in our business and impact our effectiveness in dealing with our colleagues and those we manage.  More importantly, they deeply affect our relationships and our ability to give of ourselves the way we need to those most important to us.

So, here are just a few things we can do to help coach and lead ourselves into a better state of mind.

1.  Prospective:  Whether you need some, or have lost it – find it!  What can/are you (be) grateful for right now?  Recall a tough time in your life and how you overcame.  Seek out people in your life that have more life experience and that are wiser than you and ask their opinion…allow them to speak deep truths into your life.

2.  Honesty:  Either with yourself, a co-worker, or a loved one; this could be a perfect time to enter into what Bill Hybles calls, “The tunnel of chaos” but only if the other person is willing to go through it as well.  The tunnel’s purpose is to come out the other side with stronger relationships than before entering.

3.  Service:  How can you serve others better than you ever have?  The power of shifting focus off of ourselves and onto others in service is an amazing thing.  It causes us to have eyes for those in need and gives us the attitude victories we need to keep us going.

4.  Desire:  To make things better, to win and never give up…whatever it may be, desire for good things and strive for them with undying passion to never, never, never, give up.

My hopes and prayers for you in this new year!

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The economy has certainly effected work loads and the kind of work many shops are doing this year. In previous years it wasn’t unusual to have a back log of 6 or more months on new products. This year a back log of 2 to 3 is normal for most ASME fabricators. Although the work isn’t coming to us as in years past there are still plenty of opportunities. We have found that there has been a steep increase in repair, recertification, and rerate work for ASME vessels. As one of the few shops with a “S”, “U”, “NB” & “R” stamp we have been able to pursue a broad range of work with clients looking to make due with current equipment. This is a great way to finish projects and keep the bottom line as low as possible. Rerating a vessel can keep a project moving forward using equipment that has already been paid for. Comparatively, rerating or re-certifying a pressure vessel is a mere fraction in price and time but the results are the same. Another great option is finding and reimplementing used equipment. Let’s face it a used tank or vessel will be useful long after any of us are around to care. As a practice in good stewardship not just during tough times using used tanks and vessels can save substantial capital and bring more projects to our companies and to an ultimate completion. In the meantime companies looking for good deals on new equipment have a lot of buying power at this time too. Many shops will be able to provide the same equipment quicker than previous years at reduced rates. End users that have not seen price reductions on equipment should shop around and see if your vendor has become complacent in providing the best deal possible.

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