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Welding Safety

A safe working environment does not always make for the easiest positions or circumstance when it comes to welding. Take grinder guards as an example. In the 10+ years of working with welders I have yet to meet one who appreciates the safety a grinder guard brings to the workplace. In fact it has been quite the opposite! Most welders resist being required to keep a guard on the grinder they are using. This would seem to be counter intuitive as the very piece of equipment they are using could seriously injure (and disable) a welder in less than a second. I have seen grinding wheels explode and do serious damage to both the un-experienced and the welding veteran. So what is that makes safety such an adverse topic in the workplace? Is it the fact that people as a whole do not like being told what to do? Is it simply that no one thinks accidents will happen to them? I’ll leave that for the psychologists to figure out. What I get to figure out is how to help the employees in our shop understand that the safety requirements that we have either chose to implement or have been mandated to implement by the governing authority is for their safety. We attempt to keep safety at the fore front of our employee’s daily routine by having weekly safety meetings that typically relate to a hazard that has been noticed the prior week. In fact, as I write this I am waiting for the 9:00 meeting to begin where today we will be covering the health hazards of Hexavalent Chrome. Something relatively new to the industry (in the last 10 years or so) but still very important to discuss. We will cover some basic welding safety including keeping your head out of the welding plume, proper ventilation, and other welding hazards. Hopefully we can keep the training fresh and interesting and not become a shop that does “safety” because we have to but because a safe workplace promotes good moral and a high quality product.



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